Members of the LGBTQ+ community face a heightened risk of mental health disorders due to social stigma, discrimination, and isolation. These challenges can lead to conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse. At Still Mind Behavioral Mental Health, we provide LGBTQ+ friendly mental health services designed to address the unique needs of this community. Our facility offers a supportive environment where patients can discuss their issues with therapists who understand their specific challenges.


At Still Mind, we welcome LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and substance abuse. Our treatment programs are customized to each individual, considering their personal history, family background, peer relationships, and other contributing factors. If you or a loved one is ready to seek help for mental health issues, please call (561) 783-5507 today to begin your journey to wellness.


LGBTQ-Friendly Mental Health Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Mental health disorders can affect anyone, regardless of lifestyle or beliefs, leading to harmful behaviors and significant distress. The LGBTQ+ community experiences higher rates of mental health issues and requires treatment programs that understand their unique struggles.

According to SAMSHA;

Research shows that LGBTQ+ populations of all ages disproportionately experience more instances of mental health and substance use disorders, suicidality, and poorer wellbeing outcomes compared to their heterosexual and cisgender peers.


LGBTQ-friendly mental health treatment programs are led by therapists who are attuned to these specific needs, fostering an environment of trust and open communication. Therapists work individually with each patient to uncover the specific causes of their mental health issues and help them develop coping mechanisms to manage negative behaviors and triggers. Group therapy sessions provide a platform for patients to practice communication skills and discuss relevant topics with peers in a secure, supportive space. Recovery therapies include:


For severe cases, medication management is available to ease symptoms and stabilize mental health conditions. At Still Mind, our LGBTQ-friendly mental health programs in Fort Lauderdale are continuously updated to reflect each client’s progress and unique needs.

What to Expect from LGBTQ Mental Health Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Choosing a structured treatment program is a wise decision compared to attempting to manage mental health issues alone. LGBTQ individuals benefit significantly from programs that understand their specific issues, increasing the likelihood of successful recovery. Here’s what you can expect after enrolling:

  • Assessment: Skilled therapists will conduct a comprehensive health assessment to determine the appropriate level of care, whether residential or outpatient, based on the severity of symptoms and any co-occurring conditions.
  • Medication Management: Patients will receive a medication management plan where medical staff administer medications to alleviate symptoms, monitor progress, and adjust treatment as needed.
  • Group and Individual Therapy: Throughout the program, patients engage in both group and individual therapy sessions to discuss their experiences, gain insight into their symptoms, and learn new coping strategies. Group therapy helps build supportive peer relationships and fosters a sense of community.
  • Family Therapy: Family therapy in LGBTQ-friendly programs helps rebuild family bonds and strengthen the support system. Family members can express their feelings and learn to accept and support their loved one’s lifestyle.

Still Mind: Leading Mental Health Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Facing discrimination and stigma can drive individuals toward mental health issues. Seeking help from an LGBTQ-friendly mental health facility is a crucial step toward reclaiming one’s well-being.

Still Mind offers comprehensive LGBTQ-friendly mental health treatment in Fort Lauderdale for those seeking a fresh start. Our residential and outpatient programs provide a private, healing environment with individual and group therapy sessions tailored to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you or a loved one could benefit from our LGBTQ-friendly mental health treatment program, call (561) 783-5507 today to begin your journey to wellness with us.