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We treat both mental health disorders
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Dual Diagnosis in Fort Lauderdale

Dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders, refers to the presence of both a mental illness and a substance use disorder in an individual. It has become increasingly prevalent in the United States, with studies showing that up to 50% of individuals with a substance use disorder also have a mental health condition.



Individuals facing both conditions simultaneously often struggle to access treatment, leading to complications such as increased risk of relapse and difficulty managing symptoms.

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Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both mental health and substance use disorders simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive and effective care.


Treating both disorders concurrently increases the chances of sustained recovery and enhances overall well-being.

Integrated treatment combines therapeutic interventions to address the interconnected nature of mental health and substance abuse, promoting better outcomes.


By addressing both mental health and substance use, dual diagnosis treatment empowers individuals to regain control of their lives and enjoy a higher quality of life.

what is the effective treatment for dual diagnosis?

Effective treatment for dual diagnosis involves addressing both mental health and substance abuse issues together. A combination of therapies, such as individual counseling, group therapy, and psychopharmacological interventions, should be used. Treatment should also take a holistic approach, considering the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the individual.


Dual diagnosis can cause various physical complications, including insomnia, impaired immunity, poor nutrition, and an increased risk of overdose or self-harm. Additionally, managing dual diagnoses often involves additional medications, which can have their own side effects that need careful management by medical professionals. 

Seeking professional help and appropriate services is essential for individuals with dual diagnosis to manage the physical complications associated with their condition.

Still Mind Behavioral Health

Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Fort Lauderlade

Still Mind Behavioral Health specializes in providing comprehensive care for dual diagnosis, understanding the intricate connection between mental health disorders and substance abuse. Our approach is tailored to address both aspects simultaneously, ensuring a holistic path to recovery. Located in the serene surroundings of Fort Lauderdale, our facility is an ideal setting for healing and transformation.

What are co-occurring disorders?

Co-occurring disorders, also known as dual diagnosis or comorbidity is the definition of presence of one or more mental health conditions that coexist with addiction. 


Common mental health conditions include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Diagnosing these disorders is a crucial step in the treatment of substance abuse because it allows us to address both the addiction and underlying mental health issues. 

Some common signs of dual diagnosis disorders include:

  • Chronic relapse despite attempts at abstinence
  • A pattern of unsuccessful attempts at recovery
  • Persistent thoughts or cravings related to drug or alcohol use
  • Struggles managing emotions or behaviors without substance abuse
  • Difficulty maintaining healthy relationships or social activities without substance abuse

How to overcome risk of relapse in Dual Diagnosis?

At Still Mind Behavioral Health Dual Diagnosis, we craft personalized treatment plans that cater to each person’s specific needs. Our methods include psychotherapy, medication, changes in lifestyle, and peer group support. Our focus is on promoting overall health, so we encourage regular exercise, a nutritious diet, mindfulness, and good sleep habits as part of our approach.


Regular psychological assessments form a key part of the treatment, offering insights into recovery progress and early detection of any signs pointing towards a potential relapse. Building a supportive environment, consisting of understanding family members and peers, plays a significant role in aiding individuals through the dual diagnosis journey.


With a deepened understanding of personal triggers and armed with these strategies, those facing dual diagnosis at Still Mind Behavioral Health Dual Diagnosis are more prepared to confront relapse risks and progress towards long-term recovery.

The Link Between Addiction and Mental Health: Understanding and Addressing Dual Diagnosis

Addiction can worsen existing mental health conditions by leading to feelings of low self-worth, isolation and depression. 

Substance abuse can also make symptoms of an underlying condition more difficult to manage, such as reducing the effectiveness of medications that are used to help reduce symptoms.

Substance use can interfere with treatment plans and progress made toward recovery.



When an individual is in active addiction, their mind and body become used to the presence of drugs or alcohol which makes it extremely difficult for them to cope with the demands and stressors of daily life without using substances. 


This often leads to further deterioration of mental health and increases the risk of relapse.

Discover Inner Peace and Tranquility with Still Mind


Individual Treatment

Individual treatment at Still Mind offers personalized and focused therapy for individuals seeking support for their mental health challenges. It provides one-on-one sessions that address specific concerns, explore underlying issues, and develop tailored strategies for growth and healing.


Inpatient Treatment

Our luxury treatment center located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we provide an environment free from distractions, allowing our residents to fully concentrate on their recovery and rest. Our team is committed to providing individualized treatment to each resident.


Dual Diagnosis

At our treatment center, we adopt an integrated approach to address dual diagnosis, finding key elements to helping ensure that substance use disorders and mental health disorders are treated effectively and simultaneously.


Trauma Treatment

With a deep understanding of the complex nature of trauma, the program provides a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to explore their trauma, process their emotions, and develop effective coping mechanisms.


Group Therapy

Group therapy involves multiple individuals with similar concerns who come together in a therapeutic setting facilitated by a trained therapist. It offers to share experiences, gain support from others facing similar challenge and develop social connections.


Residential Treatment

Residential treatment at Still Mind employs a comprehensive approach to care that has proven to be extremely successful in supporting patients in their journey toward long-term recovery and enhancing their overall well-being.

At Still Mind,we are dedicated to helping patients overcome mental health disorders through highly personalized care.




Service Animals Are Welcomed

At our rehabilitation center, we believe that recovery should never come at the cost of leaving behind your service animal or altering your lifestyle. That’s why, unlike most facilities, we welcome service animals with open arms!

We understand the important role that these animals play in your life, and we’re committed to accommodating them throughout your journey with us.

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Integrated Hollistic Approach

At Still Mind, we take a holistic approach to mental health treatment, recognizing the importance of addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being. Through personalized care plans, compassionate support, and evidence-based therapies, we guide individuals towards lasting recovery and improved mental well-being.

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